Why I Support Gary Johnson

I’ll be voting for Gary Johnson as President come November 2016.

I’m not one to argue politics with people. Even if I think that their opinion on matters are based on ignorance or lies or merely fashionable trends. I’ll typically just smile and nod. Even if I agree with them. I believe that most people, especially when it comes to politics, are going to believe what they believe and that most people are stubborn about it and refuse to change their minds. And that no one is right about everything. Especially myself.

I firmly believe that if you agree with a specific politician 100% on every single matter, you’re an idiot and a sheep. Sheep often vote for a specific party because it’s what they were raised to do or because it’s “cool”. Idiots often do something just because they’re told to. Remember that kid from your childhood that would tag along and other kids would get him to do stupid things? “Come on, Jimmy. Stick your tongue in the light socket. We’ve all done it. It’s awesome!” Poor Jimmy. He’d do it, no one could believe it, and then everyone would laugh at him. Unless Jimmy got hurt then everyone lied about telling him to do it. Yeah, people are often like that when it comes to voting.


I’m not a hardcore Republican or a Democrat. I probably lean mostly towards being libertarian. *Take note of the small “L”. I don’t agree with everything that the Libertarian Party stands for. And that’s actually why I support Gary Johnson.

Libertarians are often criticized and ridiculed and mocked. All parties are. Some people even judge the Libertarian Party just because not all of them agree on certain issues. Show me a political party that is completely unified, though. I’ve never met two Democrats that agree on every single issue and the same can be said for Republicans. It’s why America even holds primaries just to see who the People supposedly support and want to see represent their party.

Gary Johnson isn’t 100% Libertarian. And that’s a good thing. Especially for the Libertarian Party.

Have you ever climbed out of a hot tub and then jumped into a swimming pool real fast? Ever get whiplash from taking off in a vehicle or rollercoaster too quickly? Easing into things is usually best. People, in general, aren’t comfortable with sudden and radical change. Most of us have experienced the new boss at work who would come in, change everything without notice, and implement new policies. Tons of bitching would follow suit around the workplace, people would get fired or quit. Big and instant changes often create panic or anxiety.


Gary Johnson is the easing into Libertarian policies that America needs.

Depending on what your political party affiliation is, you can bash Gary Johnson. Which Presidential nominee can’t be bashed, though? Bashing, criticizing, placing blame, and calling out is (unfortunately) all part of running a campaign in America. Democrats will claim that Johnson is a conservative in hiding. Republicans will claim that Johnson is too liberal. Both parties claim that Johnson is taking votes away from someone who could / should be President; which is true and a good thing. However, Libertarians bashing Johnson by saying that he isn’t Libertarian enough is what truly hurts the party.

Yes, there are other candidates that are “more Libertarian” than Johnson. And quite frankly, I don’t think America is ready for them. Not yet, at least. By voting for Gary Johnson, you’re slowly, slyly, if you will, introducing America and it’s People to Libertarian ideologies. America’s ready for a lot of it, too- legalizing marijuana, allowing homosexuals to marry, reduce funding in foreign aid, establishing a FairTax, and so on. Some of the more extreme ideologies that hardcore Libertarians support, Johnson wouldn’t be able to implement due to judicial procedures- legalizing prostitution, opening borders, legalizing all drugs,  abolishing all gun laws, and so on.

Gary Johnson isn’t a hardcore Libertarian. America isn’t ready for a hardcore Libertarian, to be honest. But he is a step in the right direction. Once a Libertarian is allowed to appear on television during the big national debates, I do believe that people will take notice and a Libertarian will eventually win the office. I think Gary Johnson is just left enough, just right enough, and just not Libertarian enough to be that guy. If people will spread the word, take a stand, and the Commission on Presidential Debates will allow him to debate on TV against Clinton and Trump, Johnson could easily become America’s first Libertarian President.gary_johnson_2016_-_gary_johnson


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