If I Were President of the USA

With the current debates in full entertainment mode, I constantly see people arguing about who should be the next President of the United States- people pleading their cases, taking sides, judging others based on who they’re backing, and friendships ending. So, it got me to thinking what my stances are on certain political issues.

I’ll acknowledge that being the President of the United States has got to be the hardest and most stressful job in the world. We all know the saying, “You can’t make everyone happy all the time”, but when you’re trying to make the majority of an estimated 315 million people happy AND have the eyes of the world on you AND come to agreements with foreign countries, you’re basically destined to be hated as soon as you put your name on a ballot.

While famed comedian and actor George Burns once said, “Too bad that all the people who know how to run the country are busy driving taxicabs and cutting hair”, I’ll admit that I don’t drive a taxicab or cut hair. So, I figured I’m not qualified to run the country, but if I were, below are the stances I would take on hot topic issues (in no particular order and I’ll probably add to the list over time).

Now, I know this isn’t a complete list of major issues, but I’m not running for President and I don’t have anyone asking me my personal stances on every issues, so I’m just touching on some of the issues that are important to me.

Also, I believe that the individual states should make the law regarding certain issues. Even then, I do believe the federal government should regulate the laws that states make to a certain extent. With this being the case, I’ve put “(State)” beside the topics that I think states should make the laws, as long as it’s within the realm of federal law.

I don’t expect anyone to agree with me on all of my opinions (or even some of them), but these are my opinions (and we all know what they say about opinions). So, away we go….

“It’s good to be king” ~Tom Petty


First and foremost, I don’t like the fact that the majority of the People are only aware of two candidates running for Office. There’s more than just Republican and Democrat. With that said, I feel that the debates should be open to the top five parties. Top three at minimum.


Get rid of the Electoral College and elect the President by Popular Vote.


While I personally would never and could never have an abortion (I’m a guy, for one), I can somewhat understand extreme circumstances where abortion might be an option for some people. However, I do believe that abortion, no matter the reason, should be illegal after the first trimester.


Get rid of it. Affirmative Action is a subtle form of segregation and racism. When you provide special attention to a group of people based on the color of their skin, you’re segregating in some form. Like Morgan Freeman said when asked how we get rid of racism, “Stop talking about it. I’m going to stop calling you a white man. And I’m going to ask you to stop calling me a black man.”


It’s up to the individual state on whether or not that capital punishment should be allowed. However, I think capital punishment shouldn’t be an option unless certain evidence is established, e.g, DNA and two witnesses. written confession and request for capital punishment.

DRUGS (State):

If it’s natural, legalize it. Tobacco, included. Too many chemicals are in tobacco and other products that we consume. If it’s synthetic or a man-made drug, I’m most likely against it (heroin, cocaine, meth, etc)


We’re producing a country of mindless sheep. It’s sad that children are graduating high school and don’t know how to balance their own checkbook or understand interest rates. A “Life Studies” class should be mandatory; like English, Math, and History.

As for college tuition, make it affordable. I’m not for “free college”, but the price of college has gone through the roof because government loans are almost guaranteed. And the universities know this and jack up their prices.


Invest in “going Green”. Solar panels, electric cars, and so on. There’s even Solar Road Panels now! Why are we using up all of our planet’s resources when wind and solar power are endless?


Free-Trade and less military intervention. We’re not the World Police and shouldn’t tell other countries to clean up their front yard when our own backyard is a mess.

GUNS (State):

I support the Second Amendment. I don’t understand people taking advantage of this and the open carry law by carrying around assault rifles, though. Keep it concealed.


Privatize it. Whether it be health insurance, auto insurance, life insurance, and so on. And make it a personal option! By forcing people to purchase something is another form of the government controlling its people and taking money directly from someone’s pocket that they earned.


Come one, come all! IF you’re willing to be an American. I fully agree with Teddy Roosevelt when he said, “We have room for but one flag, the American flag… We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language… and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.” Make it easier for people to become Americans, but run background checks, make sure they learn English, and give them no special treatment. Share our country with anyone who wants to be a part of this country. As an American.


Why is this even an issue? I put this up there with my stance on Affirmative Action.


Raise it. Some people and parties claim that “no minimum wage” would be best for the economy. I disagree. America used to not have a minimum wage and people were being taken advantage of everywhere; hence the unions forming and fighting for the common worker.


Keep it out of the courts. Teach it in schools. At the minimum, teach the major religions- Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Atheism, etc. Add it as an Elective in high schools, but don’t force people to take the class.


I support the FairTax program. I oppose continuous property taxes. We pay taxes once for items we purchase. We shouldn’t tax land on an annual basis. And give tax breaks to foreign companies that outsource to America and it’s citizens.


I know this isn’t a major issue to many, but I feel strongly about it. I’m constantly hearing about and seeing people take the lives of others over stupid traffic mistakes. So, make it mandatory that driving tests are performed every 5 years. Not only would this lower the amount of traffic wrecks, thus saving money, it’d also generate income for the state by charging a small fee for the test.


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