The Ferguson Riots…

Everyone knows about the events taking place in Ferguson, MO., so there’s no point in discussing what’s happening there. What is worth discussing, however, is the controversy that it’s creating across America.

Most people are seeing this as a white cop shot an unarmed black man. And yes, he was a man. A big man. Now, whether Mr. Brown was a “gentle giant” or a bully, is up for debate and it really doesn’t matter. In fact, Michael Brown doesn’t matter. I know, I know… Terrible thing to say about the loss of a life. And my deepest condolences go out to his family; especially his mother. However, there’s a bigger picture here.

Every year, thousands of people are gunned down. Whether it be a white person gunned down by a black, a black gunned down by a Latino, a black gunned down by another black, a whole school gunned down by a white. Why aren’t we hearing about most of those cases? What about the 20-year old Dillon Taylor that was gunned down by cops in Utah recently? What about the 19-year old San Jose woman killed by cops? Or the 12-year oldJamarion Lawhorn that repeatedly stabbed and killed 9-year old Michael Verkerk in the back on a playground? Why aren’t these making national news?

One reason: They don’t create racial controversy.

So, why is racial controversy so important? A lot of reasons. Media ratings, the government wants it, businesses want it, society forces it, and so on.

If Ferguson isn’t about racial controversy, what is it about, then? Police. The police are the big picture here. Not the fact that they shot an unarmed black man. It’s the fact that they shot and killed someone… again.

Police over the years have steadily increased their arsenal. The number of murders they have committed have skyrocketed. Typically, law enforcements kill an estimated average of 400 civilians a year. So far in 2014, that number is already closer to 600.

The big picture about Ferguson is that the police have too much power. They kill without fear of consequences. Shouldn’t over law enforcement officers be held at a higher regard? What happened to rubber bullets? Tasers? Tear gas? Nothing is 100% safe and guaranteed. People will die when tased or hit with a rubber bullet, but not nearly as likely as being shot with an actual bullet. Especially when they’re firing so many rounds at unarmed people, that they actually end up shooting other officers in the crossfire.

As Buddy Wakefield has been credited with saying, “I’ve always resented the fact that when a cop drives by, I feel paranoid instead of protected”.


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