The NEW MySpace

I got an email this morning: “You’re Invited to Join a Whole New MySpace”. My first inclination was to hit the “Spam” option, but wait. What?! A new MySpace? My curiosity drove me to reading the email. I don’t know if it was out of nostalgia of my younger years when MySpace was the “it” place for teenagers. And people like me. People whom use social networking sites as a window to society.


I clicked the link and created a new account.

The “new” MySpace looks awesome. Colorful pictures, cool typography, and easy to function. But, why do I need a MySpace? I don’t. I’m content with facebook and talk with people on there daily. (*sigh* – Yes, I’m on facebook daily).

But I hate facebook.

There’s absolutely no privacy on facebook anymore. Anyone and everyone on my “Friends List” can see what I do, like, comment, etc. My interests online are recorded, analyzed, and basically sold to corporations. They, in turn, advertise to me, in hopes that I’ll click their link and buy something. I’m constantly going through my “Friends List” and deleting people that I either never talk to or never talk to me. Tons of people create bogus accounts just for the games. Most of the posts I see are either of someone’s kids, cats, or political opinions from people who have absolutely no knowledge of how politics truly work. The only useful thing about facebook is that you can create a “page” to advertise your stuff, product, yourself, or whatever it is that you’re into. But even that has been limited since facebook started charging for your posts to be seen by more than just 15% of your followers.

FUCK YOU, FACEBOOK! You greedy bastards. Die already.

But what other option do I have? Hi-5? It’s been dead for years. Google+? The place is a ghost town. Twitter? Screw that. Bebo? I live in the US. myYearbook? I hated high school and have nothing but bad memories of it.

Not to mention, I’m lazy. Like really, really, lazy. I mean, Super-Duper-Crazy-Holy-Shit-Won’t-Even-Change-My-Pants-On-A-Daily-Basis lazy. I’ve invested years of posting pictures and witty (even if just witty to only me) comments to facebook. I’d have to save all my pictures from facebook (Yes, I know there’s an option to “Download Data” from facebook, but that takes more than 5-minutes out of my already lazy and boring day), upload them elsewhere, lose all of my witty comments, have virtually no “friends” on the new site, and then have to wonder why all of my contacts aren’t running over to the new site in mass droves at the exact same moment that I’m converting over.

I guess it looks like I’ll be staying on facebook for awhile. At least until everyone else I know converts over to Google+ or something. So, if you’re on Google+ and we’re friends… add me. Hell, even if we’re not friends, add me anyhow just so I know that I’m not alone.


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